Entry #7

Man I haven't been on here in a while.

2012-02-08 03:38:45 by Kung-Fu-Kai

But man, I should really consider getting into animation or something.

I've considered it, but it just seems too hard to make a good animation.

But lets not concentrate on that.

FIRST, love the new design, very awesome, great job to the NG team because it was starting to show it's age anyways.

I love it. : 3

SECOND, I have a YouTube account, that's probably why I became innactive on Newgrounds. But its doing well and you should check it out: Kung Fu Productions .

LASTLY, I am an avid user of Twitter and Tumblr: @Kung_Fu_Kai and My blog .

So hopefully I can get back into the habit of checking out this website again daily.

- Kai


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