But man, I should really consider getting into animation or something.

I've considered it, but it just seems too hard to make a good animation.

But lets not concentrate on that.

FIRST, love the new design, very awesome, great job to the NG team because it was starting to show it's age anyways.

I love it. : 3

SECOND, I have a YouTube account, that's probably why I became innactive on Newgrounds. But its doing well and you should check it out: Kung Fu Productions .

LASTLY, I am an avid user of Twitter and Tumblr: @Kung_Fu_Kai and My blog .

So hopefully I can get back into the habit of checking out this website again daily.

- Kai

*Kai's day dreaming about getting a so called "1000 Points" award from NG's for getting 1000 points all up in medal points, again*


*Kai appears on a stage infront of every NG member to give speech*

Kai - I will love to thank my all those who supported me in getting this award, including all those who made the games with medals...and...uh...HI MUM!

Random Dude in crowd - WOO! KAI ROCKS!

Another Dude - SHUT UP!

*Dude whacks 1st dude in the nuts*

Random Dude - AAAHHH!!!! OWWW!!!! UNCALLED FOR!

Kai - Uh yeah, As I was saying I thank NG's and the...

Some other Random Dude - So wait your getting an award for just gettin 1000 points?

Kai - Yeah...I think.

Same Random Dude - But I got 1000 points ages ago, I didn't see any trophy land on my page...

Another Random Random Dude - HEY ME NEITHER!



Tom Fulp - Uh yeah about that...

*Tom then races out of the venue of the awards impersonating Dr. Zoidberg*

Tom Fulp - Woop Woop Woop Woop Woop!

*Crowd Races After Tom, venue is empty*

Kai - Uh, Ok?

*Awkward Silence*

1st Random Guy with his nuts punched in - WOO KAI RULES!


Ok that was weird as...

Ooooo A trophy!

Hey everyone Its Kai here...getting over the excitement that was my first flash sub and all that...

But it was fun while it lasted.

Anyways, I don't know if you Americans/British/Other overseas people have been getting any news of what happened in Australia yesterday but man it was out of the ordinary...

For those who don't know...heres the deal:

Yesterday morning in Sydney and Melbourne (in Australia) a massive dust storm (the biggest in 70 years) swept through the cites and engulfing them in a orange-red dust cloud. Then it moved up the coast towards Brisbane (if you don't know where any of this is the look on Google Maps) and then passed through a couple regional towns before moving out to sea...

So that's what happened...

The town I live in was probably the last town to get it before it moved out to sea...

The reason this happened was that there wasn't any moisture in the air and a massive wind off the south of Australia pushed all the dust around the east coast of Australia...

Now I never thought it would reach my town, thinking: "Oh it wouldn't reach here!" me being cocky...

Then about 6pm...POOF

A massive dust cloud the size of Sydney hits us!

I had to wear an old red bandanna around my mouth and nose while sitting infront of the computer to breathe! And while I was infront of the computer I chatting to a mate on Steam...as usual. And he pointed the question:

"What would happen if it rained right now?"
"Seriously! Would it rain mud?"
"No, Dirt and Water makes mud, Dust is different"
"I don't know...I'm not an expert on Dirt now am I!"
"But seriously if it rained mud...that would be hilarious!"
"I know eh"

So yeah that's how it went on Steam...

Apparently scientists say that these dust storms may become more frequent and more powerful in the future because of climate change (the mistake the previous generation did) .

Now if that's true...


Hmm, we need a plan...

A dust shield? I don't know but what ever we do about this I hope we get it right...

I'm not living in a dirt house like Anakin Skywalker...

But then again...


Anyways, Kai out!



2009-08-24 02:01:01 by Kung-Fu-Kai

Hey its Kai again!

Well its been a month since I've signed up (I think) and so far all I have been doing is rating, reviewing, blamming and saving (and I'm surprised my whistle isn't broken yet).

So I have been thinking of some ways to contribute to community rather than sitting around waiting for the next troll video to blam the crap out of, sending it 6 feet under.

I though about my options....

Flash Animations

Now I have made movies in the past, but that was using video games and Adobe After Effects. When it comes to flash I have no damn clue on how to make a good animation. Probably the most basic animation to me is a sprite animation (but even those are difficult to make the look good, at least half as decent as AlvinEarthworm's). Doing animation the old fashion way like Egoraptor, Kirbopher and Gonzossm for example is extremely difficult so maybe an Animation is too hard for me.

Audio Portal

Well I find this section a heck lot easier than the previous one...but there is a problem. I CAN'T REMIX ANYTHING! Seriously I have looked on Youtube and the forums of NG but I still look at these posts with a face of a person who doesn't get the concept of gravity even though he was told what it was a thousand times (sorry my imagination is running wild there...down boy). Now probably the only thing I can contribute the Audio section is voice acting clips but they are not even worth looking at so therefore they won't get popular (but I can do a mean Solid Snake impersanation...my friends tell me).

Art Section

Well with this one...it all about coming up with something original. Me taking art at highschool is bad enough so the rule we me is: NEVER ASCIOCIATE THINGS FROM WORK/SCHOOL WITH THINGS THAT YOU DO FOR FUN! (UNLESS IT MADE YOU FAMOUS)

So yeah that's probably the reasons why I am staying at bay at the moment...

If you can help with anything please put your answers or questions in the comment section thanks.


My thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks

2009-08-22 09:16:44 by Kung-Fu-Kai

Hey everyone its Kai here and Christmas aint that far away and normally I get some cool games when Santa bombs the place with presents!

Now obviously probably the most anticipated game of the year is of course Call of Duty 6, or more commonly know as Modern Warfare 2.

I am getting this game pre-ordered for a Christmas present but my friend came over today and told me that the local game store has ran out of pre-orders!

Well for the time being, but man this game must be really popular and with reasons it is.

But since there is too many to name I'll get to the point of this post.

Now already Infinity Ward and Activision has posted some a couple of videos of gameplay from the game and what intrigued me was the customizable kill streak attacks, where you can unlock special attacks to use on your foes after getting certain kills but this time there is more than the UAV, Airstrike and Helicopter. They have so far shown the AC-130 Spec Gunship as one that is not only controllable but can also be shot down.

Now I've been thinking...since there is quite a lot to unlock I wonder what other attacks are there.

Here is a couple of my ideas:

Obviously a Nuke: That kills everything and anything on the map and leaves a radiation effect that poisons soldiers that reduces their HP, Running Distance and Accuracy but needs about a 30 or 40 kill streak. This affect will wear off after a minute.

A Chaingun: This idea comes from the Combat Arms game, when reaching 20 Kills you can instantly equip a Chaingun that has unlimited ammo and obviously a high fire rate, you move very slowly and cant run or go prone but you have high HP. This will last about 30 seconds.

Super Soldier Factors: Around about a 10 killstreak you can use this powerup that increases your accuracy, speed, damage, fire rate and bullet penetration by 25-30% for about 30-40 seconds.

Elite Sniper Team: Say about 15 kills and you will about to call in a sniper team that is hidden somewhere outside the map. This team will fire upon your enemies with a 90% chance of a kill, but only 5 shots will be fired but you can use them one after the other.

Satellite UAV: A kinda super UAV if you're wondering, probably a 17 kill streak one. When activated the UAV will remain on for 30 seconds but unlike the normal UAV it wont scan the Map on your HUD, rather it will remain keeping track the enemies' movement in real time and you wont lose them. Plus it will tell you where the enemies are in the map by making them appear as red dots in the 3D world.

Spec Ops Team: On the lines of 25 kills you can call in a team of 2 Spec Ops soldiers (all armed with MP5's and USP's). They a quick to fire and are very accurate and their main priority is you and they will guard you from any enemies around you and will follow you where ever you go. The only downside is they are more like meatshields and have half as much health as normal players do.

Well I can go own forever with ideas but that's all from me folks.

If you want to share ideas please post them in the comments!

From your friendly Aussie Gaming Ninja


AWW MAN I just saw the new Transformers movie last night!


Ok enough of me sounding like a fanboy.

Ehm. Time to review this thing.

Alrighty just a word of warning to those who haven't read this post's title yet...


----------SPOILER BARRIER-------------------------------

Well normally any movie or TV show for a matter of fact that contains anyform of 5 meter tall robots that shoot lasers will put a smile on anyones face (or give them a seziure), and Transformers fits into the category of robot fighting awesomeness.

The 2nd movie of the live action version of Transformers has good ol Sam (Shia Labeouf) once again facing the danger of the Decepticons....but this time the Autobots call for his help instead. Sam starts to flip out and writes down symbols that are part of the Transformers Alphabet and after his little "episode" he finds that he has plastered the place with random symbols.

The language is ancient, REALLY ANCIENT, because apparently the Transformers have been on Earth before, how early you ask? Try 17,000 BCE.

Anyways the last of the Ancient race, 1 robot called "The Fallen" (because he did a bad thing) wants revenge on the Autobot and Earth, of course with the help of Megatron (yes he got revived, who saw that coming). Since Cybertron was destroyed, a race for another Energon source began and the only Energon can be created is by Harvesting Suns, The Fallen (being the bad boy he is) choose our sun to Harvest even though that was against the rules since suns that have a planet in its orbit with life can not be harvested.

The Fallen obviously ignored that rule, and after thousands of years plans to get the "Harvesting Machine" back on Earth up and running and eliminate Optimus and the Autobots in the process.

Well thats about all I am revealing to the NG community (If you ignored my Spolier Barrier).

So what are my thoughts on the movie.

Well its kinda like the first movie, cool cars, Big explosions, the US army and of course Megan Fox.

But there are some significant new things in the movie that I'm not going to reveal.

But overall its a cool movie and the best way to experince it is of course in a movie theatre/cinema.

SO! I give this movie a 4.5/5

Go and watch it, you'll enjoy it!

(Unless you already downloaded it from a pirate....well your punishment is bad audio.)

Decided to join.

2009-06-24 02:27:32 by Kung-Fu-Kai

Hey everyone in NG, Kai here.

I finally decided to join the site after time and time again visting the site for the past 2 or 3 years.

So yeah here I am finally!

I dont know If I will make any flash animations yet since I dont know how to a make a good one, I just know the basics about flash.

Anways hope to see you guys around!